Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Biology is Destiny

If the only difference between gender is biology then why if the surgery and hormone treatments for MTFs were perfect, wouldnt you be in a relationship with them? If men and women only differ due to biology

Saturday, 10 September 2011

MPD and Being Transgender

Although I dont have MPD severly anymore at all and Ive managed to learn to control it. I think something needs to be clarified. Being Transgender is how my dominant personality sees myself. By dominant I mean my real one. I understand my gender as male.

My Alt, as in my only alt. Is called Codie. Shes around 8 or 9. Could be any age really. She doesnt have much of a concept of numbers. She talks nonsense. Never has any idea where she is, most of the time and is incredibly paranoid.

She has as much chance of making me Transgender as I do of literally turning into an orange.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Feminism, The Poem



I have a Vagina
Look at my Vagina
Its a Vagina

Men are Pigs

Thursday, 1 September 2011

So Here We Go Again

So, according to Dirt as well as being dangerous to society, The Gay Community and ourselves, we're also a danger to children. This isn,t suprising considering her previous comments saying that we are likely to become pedophiles. Slippery sloping herself be saying that child molestation happens and Transgenderism happens, therefore they're connected! Takes a genius to figure that one out, actually it really does because she must have found her own evidence and have some type of deep connection to some God. Most probably hindi, she seems like an Asian Religion convert. Just because shes got that class hangup of hers.

In her blog she talked about a Transman who'se son then decided he was trans, I understand her point I really do. Its either a massive coincidence of the child is copying Daddy. What she didnt seem to realise though, Dirt I mean. Is that the childs father is not putting him on hormone blockers, not giving him surgery. Just treating him as he likes. And when the child hits 16 he'll make his own mind up.