Thursday, 18 August 2011

Somewhere only we Know

Found this
Makes an interesting poem

I keep dreaming about people being clear skin animal things...
I hate my car just like I hate all of you :) (that's with a passion)
one more day before I can hit the stick and forget I have a place on earth.
I'm fat as fuck and I hate my, face, body, hair, dick, blah fucking blaaaaah.
I wish 2012 really was the end.. I'd have to think another thought again.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Who's Transtitioning? ( I love Kittens)

Its all Wrong, Its all Right

Dirt posted a blog a couple of days ago about a article she'd read. The article was from a Transgirl that Dirt proclaimed was opposing the legalisation of Gay Marriage in New York. This was surprisingly (not) the case.

The tone of the piece is generally humorous and she seems to almost lament about the lack of Trans rights and that she herself feels forgotten. What she is writing about is not opposing Gay Marriage but supporting it and wanting Transgender people to be treated with dignity and respect. An awful lot of America does not have anti discrimination laws in place for Transgender people, While in the vast majority of the country. You cant fire someone for being gay. You can if they're Trans. With sexuality even if discrimination laws were in place, it is possible to hide. This luxury is not afforded to some late transtioners. We need to live our lives without shackles and this is what Jennifer is trying to say. Of course marriage is important but basic civil rights are more important especially to a vulnerable minority.

As Jennifer said..
Forty-one percent of respondents reported attempting suicide; of those who came out as students, 78 percent reported harassment, 35 percent physical assault and 12 percent sexual violence. Nineteen percent said they had been homeless. Among transgender people of color, the numbers are even worse.
With the LGB in the community it seems to be a you scratch our back and we'll scratch yours when we've gotten round to it.

Dirt took this article completely out of context.
Its also horrible to call this writer Male.
Shes not male. I Am

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Warm Fuzzies

On a much happier and nicer note.
Without all that angstyness and general pissedoffedness.
Asides from being a Trans Warrior.

I just played 52 hours of DragonAge2 and completed it.
Now totally in love with an imaginary game character.

Oh Fenris.. Why cant you be real?

Friday, 12 August 2011

Trust Me, Im a Doctor

Dirt's at it again, with her insistence that we (transpeople) should be removed for LGBT. Severed and left.

And whats her reason now? Ill try and explain it as accurately as possible.
The GLB has been treated horrifically by the medical community through history and because the medical community helps the T then they should be cut out of the LGBT community.

This is ridiculous for a number of reasons.

1. If you think the medical community is so abhorrent then why go to doctors at all? If you've got cancer or some other life threatening disease then why go get them treated if these doctors are just out to hurt people.

2.Why is it that us relying on medicine is at all a reason to cut us out? Medicine is a good thing

And probably many others that I cant think of right now. (Its 6 in the morning here)

Now a point by point summary of why shes wrong.
there are still medical programs designed to "cure" gays and lesbians of their/our "disease".

Yet you think we can be cured. Yet you say how ridiculous a cure for homosexuality. Your living in a town called Hypocrisy.

Thousands of gays and lesbians in the US alone have been ice-pick lobotomized
Then she listed 9 things that said of what the medical community in history has done to Homosexuals. This is horrible, yes. But your using those atrocities as evidence to marginalise another community. Which seems deeply wrong to me.

it is enough that a blind man can see the male medical machine has and isn't a friend to gays and lesbians.

Now for the rest. We rely on the medical community, yes. But are diabetics a friend to the LGB? Are cancer patients a friend of the LGB? Are people who get plastic surgery friends to the LGB?

Gays and lesbians literally risked not only their livelihood, but their very lives to force the male medical machine to remove us from their medical bible, the DSM. The Trans community as a political group fear being removed from the same medical bible because many would prefer to remain being viewed as disordered so that national health care and individual insurance companies will pay for their tens of thousands of dollars worth of unnecessary surgeries and life requirement of drugs.

We don't fear being removed from it, if we can still receive treatment without us being in the DSM. The majority of Transpeople want it out of the DSM but also want to not have to pay thousands for treatment. Or at least in America.
Also insurance companies genderally (accidental awesome pun) list GID as something they do not cover. Very few cover it and Ive been able to find none that do.
National Health Care outside the states does pay for SRS and saves lives in my opinion. Its a life requirement or at least it is more so for MTF's than FTM's. The changes a lot of guys want happen after a few years on T and some FTM's go off T then. Ill have to personally see what happens for me.

Given all this I have to ask, with a group whose entire existence is dependent on the male medical machine, a machine still interested in the destruction of gays and lesbians, is it wise to continue having the trans community attached to the gay and lesbian movement???

I want facts that in first world countries, the majority of practitioners want the destruction of Gay and Lesbian people.
In response to your rhetorical question, whats the harm?

Facepalm but also severe horrificness (not even a word)

I was looking for Dirt's blog on google and I came across her live journal and found this comment.

Given that I know of such a case, (which I will write about in more detail in another post soon) I'm wondering what the numbers of  sexually abused women who trannify are that become pedophiles themselves after taking testosterone?

Oh how delightful. Any of you transguys out there who were hurt like that. Your going to become pedophiles.
Do I need to even clarify why this is stupid?

There's bad people in every community and people who are sexually abused some of them become abusers themselves. But it is the same for every community.

There is no us and them. We're just people.

It seems her live journal is just the place she used to go to just be utterly hateful. I don't find her hateful on blogger but God. Here's another one

You wanna drug and mutilate yourself into your own personal  freak show(do they charge admission for that shit?), great, but guess what there isn't a lesbian alive that is going to date you. Sexually abused disturbed straight women on the other hand, yes. I give you that.

Her point is disproved by this easy to follow logic. I just got out of a 3 year relationship with a lesbian. Ive been with cisguys and transguys and transgirls and cisgirls and lesbians and bisexuals. No gay guys yet although I did peck my best friend on the lips once at a Gay Pride up the country. He had a beard and It felt so wrong. For me and not in general.
Oh and I'm not a freak show. I'm a human being. I have hopes and dreams and fears. I'm a nice person and I do my best to be a good person too. So Fuck this shiz. And in regards to the commission it really matters because I'm quite poor. And id sell my soul for a fiver.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

The Holocaust (Human Nature)

Poetry war with Dirt. The subject she picked was the fucking Holocaust..
What a topic *sigh*

Human Nature

Its human nature
To take what is not yours
Make decisions for the weaker
To destroy what you feel is greed

Just look in the slaughter house
Rusty blades and savage hands
Look for the bones in the plastic bags
At the bottom of the lake

So what do you prepose?
Change the nature of our own great foe
Nations of followers
Travesties and now peace keeping

Maybe one day we’ll look back on this decade
On Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan
And not blame the Americans
Or the Europeans
Germans or Jews

But blame humankind
For their crimes against themselves

A Word Of Advice

My Grandad told me in the car today.

"All a man has is his name and his word"

Its one of the best pieces of advice Ive ever been told.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Miso Soup

In Response to Dirts post, Transmen and Pro-Misogyny

Well where do I begin?
I suppose we were wrong to jump to conclusions
I was under the impression when she said "females learning to love themselves" you were referring to Transguys.
I'm sorry to have thought that if that was not her blogs intentions.
It ended up just being fuel to the fire.
The majority of what I said regarding "The Cure" is still relevant anyway.

I may not be the best Transguy to talk about misogyny. But I will say this. You cant generalise with a group of people and call them something negative like that. If a girl is worried about body image or needs help then by all means give it to her. I do believe that these women need help. I'm not saying keep them sad and give them no help. What does that achieve?

Series on Sexuality and Gender

Trying to get a lot of people together of different gender identitys and sexualitys to write about how their gender links with their sexuality.
So far have a couple of people signed up. Id like Dirt to do one too but doubt she will.

Heres mine.

From my early teens I always felt attracted to women. But the way I was attracted to women never seemed to link up with how women were attracted to men. Or how lesbians were attracted to other women.
This is going to get me murdered Id say but Ill explain it as best I can.

When I came out to one of my friends. She wasnt suprised whatsoever. She wasnt suprised because of the way I saw women for example my msn tagline at the time was "GIRLS BEACH VOLLEYBALL IS THE BEST SPORT EVER". I had spent two hours watching the sport that night and this is why I liked it. To signal to the girls behind them what moves they were going to do, they did hand signals... on their arses. Which meant close ups of hot womens arses. In Tight bikini bottoms. It was wonderful.

Another way my male gender identity links with that is something ive always done since I lost my virginity to a 17 year old girl in a bunkbed at 13. I play the numbers game. For a long time I measured my worth on how many women Id slept with and I became a master manipulator of women. Promised them anything I could to get them to sleep with me. Once Id slept with most of them, Id never talk to them again. I made  up fake names, fake lifestories, dabbled in the truth. As the game got too easy I failed on purpose at the beginning to see if I could reel them back in. When that got too easy, I started going through friend groups. Id sleep with the head of the group and then work my way through the entire group by starting arguements and making the girls under the head girl annoyed at her so they'd sleep with me in revenge. I created an elaborate system made up of five catagories with different gameplans for each catagorie. There was also sub catagories of women who crossed into two. The hardest being the Tzm catagory (does what you do, is aware of what your doing) and the Loi (is so desperate to be loved, they will do anything). I never identified as a lesbian and always felt somewhat undercover when describing myself as so or being with groups of lesbians.

Another example of this is my immediate reaction to any girls who tells me theyre getting dressed in anyway. By text or msn or on the phone. My immediate reaction is PICS? I really dont know any lesbian who thinks like that.

My numbers are now so embarrassingly high, I dont tell anyone except my ex girlfriend. Who is intrinsically jealous at my successes. The thing with me is that although Im well spoken and educated. Can argue a point. I am under this skin of mine, an apsolute man slut. I love women and I love womens bodies and I love sleeping with women. Do I respect women though? Maybe now I do but even now I feel somewhat more intelligent than most of them due to the fact I can manipulate them so easily. Maybe thats practise, maybe its not.

Now as Ive said before Im bisexual. Very recently came out as this. I have a very rare sexual attraction to some men. The last being Tii, who I connected with. I have his virginity. Which Im quite proud of but in a different way than I am with girls who I have the virginity of. Im grateful to him and Im happy he trusted me enough to give me that. With girls I see giving me their virginity as some sort of weakness.  I like men but I dont think I could ever have a long term relationship with one of them. I see them more as mates I also sleep with and I think I occasionally confuse a good friend as someone Im sexually attracted to.

Anyway in short Im bisexual, I like both men and women unequally. I am a Man and I see things from that perspective I do believe.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

The Best, The Best, The Best

Someone just wrote the most poetic and brilliant comment on Dirts page.

"Why would a community be to blame?

Everyone wants answers as to who? what? when? where and why?

How doth the little crocodile,
improve it's shining tale?
And pour the waters of the Nile,
on every golden scale
How cheerfully he seems to grin
How neatly spread his claws
And welcomes little fishes in
With gently smiling jaws

swim fishes , swim from the crocodile."

Cheers Anon. You are a legend

(P.S I am aware this is a Lewis Carrol poem from Through The Looking Glass but it doesnt make it any less genius)

The Trend!!!

Ive read a lot now from Dirt about what she refers to as "Trans Trending".
In short she believes that Transgenderism is a trend. Its not.
Just like the surge in LGB visability cant be called a trend. Its connected to acceptance.
Its very simple, Trans people feel more able to be open about themselves so some of
them go on forums or youtube, like I do. To find people to talk to or to just let their voices be heard within the community.

I live in Ireland and the South of Ireland has a higher rate of LGBT people on the census. While the West of Ireland has less.
Is there a trend in the South for being LGBT? No
The West of Ireland is still very much attached to Catholic teaching and is more conservative than the South. So LGBT people either move out of the West or they stay in the closet.
This is not proof of a trend.

The help Trans people have got within the community is very valuable. I do believe it saves lives.
When you've got noone to accept you or help you. Its a very lonely place to be.
So what does Dirt want for Transpeople to be told, that they arnt welcome?
For us to be segregated?
*Sigh* I will hold my tongue on this issue because it has angered me somewhat.

In conclusion. The LGBT organisation I go to has helped me so much. Its a brilliant place and a credit to my town. I'd be in a much worse state than I am if It wasnt for them. Thank God (metaphorically speaking) that they accept me for who I am and have given me the support they have given and not done what Dirt is suggesting and turn me away.


Dirt is now offering one on one counselling to change transpeople so they become comfortable with their birth sex
I love myself, Dirt. As the man I am.

If she just learned to love men, she could be straight..
Thats as ridiculous as this trans cure of hers.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

This Is What You Get When You Mess With Us

Pretty sure im now banned from posting comments on Dirts channel.

Oh well. Thats what happens when you tell the truth innit?

On another note here is a video of a baby and a cat

Trans Politics Are NOT Gay and Lesbian Friendly

Posted by Dirt on the 7th of August 2011

We love ourselves after we transition. I think thats the point. Other than to make your point there ( GID wouldnt exist if those who claim to be trans actually did love themselves) I dont really know why you posted that other than to say LOOK GENITALS!!. Also above pic is related.

Although I must say I did laugh at the website. Education through talking genitals. Seems like a strange way to educate anyone. Heres the link:

You question the sexuality here of Transgender people. Ill explain this simply and easily. I identify as male and am attracted to both females and males. That makes me bisexual.
If I was attracted to males then I would be gay.
If I was attracted to females it would be straight.
If I was attracted to a transgirl it would be straight.
A transguy then id be gay.

Sexuality regarding transgenderism is attached to how we see ourselves and not what we were born as. Regardless of what you think of that. Considering I like both. Whichever gender I am or whatever sex I am I still fit under the B.

There are two genders. Male and Female  but there is also Agendered where you dont feel like your any gender and genderfluid when your both and this is changeable. You can be female one minute and male the next. Im not genderfluid so I cant really explain it as well as a genderfluid person. But Ill get a good friend of mine to do so. My friend says shes bisexual and this does not change when she is either gender. Ill get her to explain. Im not genderfluid. I dont know how it works.

This is not the case Dirt ( Meaning if "female" can be taken apart at the core, lesbians do not and cannot exist. )
because our identity does not in turn take any yours. You are women who like women. Women who identify as women who like other women who identify as women. I am a female born man. Who is attracted to both males and females but if I was attracted to women only. I would not be a lesbian and I would not like to be refered to as one.

I disagree wih the site on this one. There is in my opinion there is a protypical Transgender experience. We all feel somewhat confused about our gender at some point. I mean this in regards to MTF and FTM's not the wider Transgender umbrella.

1.Sometime in life feel like your the wrong gender.
2.Do something about it.

(there IS a nucleus to the female/lesbian experience regardless of race, religion or class.)

This statement you make about there being a nucleas.It reminds me of Focus on The Family saying there is only one type of family and every other type of family is crap.
Unless every lesbian relationship exactly mirrored every other then every lesbian relationship is different. Theres also Vanilla Lesbians and Lesbians with kinks. Polygamous lesbians and Monogamous lesbians. Butch and Butch, Femme and Femme, Butch and Femme.

I dont think the Government are going to dismantle your civil rights to give us ours. That makes no sense.

There is common ground. We're both minoritys fighting for recognition and equal rights. We'll do a better job at it together than separately. The LGB helps the T a lot. Theres so little of us, we cant do it on our own. So thanks LGB. Your Appriciated. And you have The Etch's appriciation.

Ill leave you with a poem by my favourite poet. Completely unrelated but its my favourite of his poems.

THE dawn was apple-green,
The sky was green wine held up in the sun,
The moon was a golden petal between.
She opened her eyes, and green
They shone, clear like flowers undone
For the first time, now for the first time seen

~D.H Lawrence

Saturday, 6 August 2011

The Point Of It All. Part 2

Slightly disheartened now.
Just by Dirt's overt and unrelenting unwillingness to take any criticism that she recieves.
Like she and her followers have said such to me and I have agreed when I believe that what they say may have some truth to it.
For example I do think that they thought that my view of women was as "pretty things" "housewives". But it is not and never was so. Of course when I tried to be female I took on the stereotype. I am not female and therefore how am I meant to act when I knew my identity was male. I was afraid everyone would see through me. I felt like every day I was in Drag.
The conclusion though for me is.
I dont want to die and I want to live a full life. I feel this is my only way to do so. At least Im happy eh?

Also to bring this back to Dirt. I am also a poet. Published too.
So I shall share some.

So how can you walk like that?
Like nothing matters
Like your wearing the wrong skin
Stripped down and waiting for the boys to come in
So Why cant I save you?
Im not unwilling but your trapped
Your feet are barely touching
The floor and a gasp
As you fall once again
But stand back up and smile
Walk into the kitchen and make dinner
For your four year old daughter
Eat a singular cornflake
Go for a 4 mile run
Cry in the corner of the shed with the cats
So why cant I help?
Ive tried to explain that there is nothing
To gain but more nonsense
From you telling me your worthless
In more ways than one
Then throwing me out on the streets
For not being the woman you wanted me to be

Transition and LEGAL marriage,

Posted By Dirt on the 5th of August 2011

Well other than the obvious point. Why does it matter?
Sure, trans people can get married and its great that in the States this is possible. It really is. Its great in New York that Gay and Lesbian people can now get married.
I believe what Dirt is trying to say is that we should give up these rights. To have equal rights to our LGB brothers and sisters. Isnt that a step back? Shouldnt Trans people be more focused on campaigning with you and fighting with you for equal rights for you guys?
In my country which is outside of America. Im from Europe just to say. Trans people have to be divorced to change their gender on their birth certificate. A lot of trans people are now being broken away from our familys so we can live the way we need to live, to survive. We marched in the Gay Pride Parade in the capital and marched with Pride with you so that both our civil rights can be adherred to by our respective governments.
That was kinda a long pointless rant.. Anyway

Dirt, then goes to say that the only proper changing of sex comes with surgery on the genitals. I personally dont want surgery. Does that mean I am a woman and forever one? The surgery for FTM Transfolk is not as advanced as with MTF. Really, I can have a sun burnt looking 3 inch penis or a 6 inch sausage looking one that has no feeling. Changing your sex is not possible because sex is what your chromasones say and not what your head says. My sex will always be female but my gender identity always has and always will be male.

Trans people benefit from being part of a larger group and thats the real reason we're part of the LGBT. I dont believe this to be negative. I think the majority of Transpeople like being involved in the community and feel it is good means for support. The LGB is sexuality and the T is gender identity. They're very different things and although they are. I dont see the harm in us being in your spaces and being friends with you.
The one thing you've said that I agree with in a previous blog was that you dont think FTM Transpeople should be in your lesbian only spaces and I agree. Im not a lesbian. I dont see why a man regardless of  being biologically female would want to be in your space. My LGBT group is mixed so I dont have that issue.

In regards to her statement about the KKK.
Completely tasteless and a complete exaggeration. If anyone wants a clearer view from me on that Ill be willing to edit

I dont know what your afraid of Dirt. We dont bite.

The Point Of It All

This is the Anti Blog! Well not really. It is the blog of Etch. That would be me.

Hello. Welcome one and all.

This blog is in retaliation to the blog of dirtywhiteboi67. I will be picking apart every blog entry of hers from this day onwards.
I am a transguy myself and I will explain how she is wrong and occasionally agree with her using fact and logic. While the majority of what Dirt uses as evidence are quotes from transguys taken out of context and medical journals that go against what the scientific community generally say. I will be using direct quotes with links so you can check them, When I am talking about the scientific end I will use multiple sources.

Well forward I go. In my one man war.

Thanks for stopping by.