Tuesday, 9 August 2011

The Trend!!!

Ive read a lot now from Dirt about what she refers to as "Trans Trending".
In short she believes that Transgenderism is a trend. Its not.
Just like the surge in LGB visability cant be called a trend. Its connected to acceptance.
Its very simple, Trans people feel more able to be open about themselves so some of
them go on forums or youtube, like I do. To find people to talk to or to just let their voices be heard within the community.

I live in Ireland and the South of Ireland has a higher rate of LGBT people on the census. While the West of Ireland has less.
Is there a trend in the South for being LGBT? No
The West of Ireland is still very much attached to Catholic teaching and is more conservative than the South. So LGBT people either move out of the West or they stay in the closet.
This is not proof of a trend.

The help Trans people have got within the community is very valuable. I do believe it saves lives.
When you've got noone to accept you or help you. Its a very lonely place to be.
So what does Dirt want for Transpeople to be told, that they arnt welcome?
For us to be segregated?
*Sigh* I will hold my tongue on this issue because it has angered me somewhat.

In conclusion. The LGBT organisation I go to has helped me so much. Its a brilliant place and a credit to my town. I'd be in a much worse state than I am if It wasnt for them. Thank God (metaphorically speaking) that they accept me for who I am and have given me the support they have given and not done what Dirt is suggesting and turn me away.

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