Friday, 12 August 2011

Trust Me, Im a Doctor

Dirt's at it again, with her insistence that we (transpeople) should be removed for LGBT. Severed and left.

And whats her reason now? Ill try and explain it as accurately as possible.
The GLB has been treated horrifically by the medical community through history and because the medical community helps the T then they should be cut out of the LGBT community.

This is ridiculous for a number of reasons.

1. If you think the medical community is so abhorrent then why go to doctors at all? If you've got cancer or some other life threatening disease then why go get them treated if these doctors are just out to hurt people.

2.Why is it that us relying on medicine is at all a reason to cut us out? Medicine is a good thing

And probably many others that I cant think of right now. (Its 6 in the morning here)

Now a point by point summary of why shes wrong.
there are still medical programs designed to "cure" gays and lesbians of their/our "disease".

Yet you think we can be cured. Yet you say how ridiculous a cure for homosexuality. Your living in a town called Hypocrisy.

Thousands of gays and lesbians in the US alone have been ice-pick lobotomized
Then she listed 9 things that said of what the medical community in history has done to Homosexuals. This is horrible, yes. But your using those atrocities as evidence to marginalise another community. Which seems deeply wrong to me.

it is enough that a blind man can see the male medical machine has and isn't a friend to gays and lesbians.

Now for the rest. We rely on the medical community, yes. But are diabetics a friend to the LGB? Are cancer patients a friend of the LGB? Are people who get plastic surgery friends to the LGB?

Gays and lesbians literally risked not only their livelihood, but their very lives to force the male medical machine to remove us from their medical bible, the DSM. The Trans community as a political group fear being removed from the same medical bible because many would prefer to remain being viewed as disordered so that national health care and individual insurance companies will pay for their tens of thousands of dollars worth of unnecessary surgeries and life requirement of drugs.

We don't fear being removed from it, if we can still receive treatment without us being in the DSM. The majority of Transpeople want it out of the DSM but also want to not have to pay thousands for treatment. Or at least in America.
Also insurance companies genderally (accidental awesome pun) list GID as something they do not cover. Very few cover it and Ive been able to find none that do.
National Health Care outside the states does pay for SRS and saves lives in my opinion. Its a life requirement or at least it is more so for MTF's than FTM's. The changes a lot of guys want happen after a few years on T and some FTM's go off T then. Ill have to personally see what happens for me.

Given all this I have to ask, with a group whose entire existence is dependent on the male medical machine, a machine still interested in the destruction of gays and lesbians, is it wise to continue having the trans community attached to the gay and lesbian movement???

I want facts that in first world countries, the majority of practitioners want the destruction of Gay and Lesbian people.
In response to your rhetorical question, whats the harm?

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