Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Miso Soup

In Response to Dirts post, Transmen and Pro-Misogyny

Well where do I begin?
I suppose we were wrong to jump to conclusions
I was under the impression when she said "females learning to love themselves" you were referring to Transguys.
I'm sorry to have thought that if that was not her blogs intentions.
It ended up just being fuel to the fire.
The majority of what I said regarding "The Cure" is still relevant anyway.

I may not be the best Transguy to talk about misogyny. But I will say this. You cant generalise with a group of people and call them something negative like that. If a girl is worried about body image or needs help then by all means give it to her. I do believe that these women need help. I'm not saying keep them sad and give them no help. What does that achieve?

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