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Transition and LEGAL marriage,

Posted By Dirt on the 5th of August 2011

Well other than the obvious point. Why does it matter?
Sure, trans people can get married and its great that in the States this is possible. It really is. Its great in New York that Gay and Lesbian people can now get married.
I believe what Dirt is trying to say is that we should give up these rights. To have equal rights to our LGB brothers and sisters. Isnt that a step back? Shouldnt Trans people be more focused on campaigning with you and fighting with you for equal rights for you guys?
In my country which is outside of America. Im from Europe just to say. Trans people have to be divorced to change their gender on their birth certificate. A lot of trans people are now being broken away from our familys so we can live the way we need to live, to survive. We marched in the Gay Pride Parade in the capital and marched with Pride with you so that both our civil rights can be adherred to by our respective governments.
That was kinda a long pointless rant.. Anyway

Dirt, then goes to say that the only proper changing of sex comes with surgery on the genitals. I personally dont want surgery. Does that mean I am a woman and forever one? The surgery for FTM Transfolk is not as advanced as with MTF. Really, I can have a sun burnt looking 3 inch penis or a 6 inch sausage looking one that has no feeling. Changing your sex is not possible because sex is what your chromasones say and not what your head says. My sex will always be female but my gender identity always has and always will be male.

Trans people benefit from being part of a larger group and thats the real reason we're part of the LGBT. I dont believe this to be negative. I think the majority of Transpeople like being involved in the community and feel it is good means for support. The LGB is sexuality and the T is gender identity. They're very different things and although they are. I dont see the harm in us being in your spaces and being friends with you.
The one thing you've said that I agree with in a previous blog was that you dont think FTM Transpeople should be in your lesbian only spaces and I agree. Im not a lesbian. I dont see why a man regardless of  being biologically female would want to be in your space. My LGBT group is mixed so I dont have that issue.

In regards to her statement about the KKK.
Completely tasteless and a complete exaggeration. If anyone wants a clearer view from me on that Ill be willing to edit

I dont know what your afraid of Dirt. We dont bite.

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