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Trans Politics Are NOT Gay and Lesbian Friendly

Posted by Dirt on the 7th of August 2011

We love ourselves after we transition. I think thats the point. Other than to make your point there ( GID wouldnt exist if those who claim to be trans actually did love themselves) I dont really know why you posted that other than to say LOOK GENITALS!!. Also above pic is related.

Although I must say I did laugh at the website. Education through talking genitals. Seems like a strange way to educate anyone. Heres the link:

You question the sexuality here of Transgender people. Ill explain this simply and easily. I identify as male and am attracted to both females and males. That makes me bisexual.
If I was attracted to males then I would be gay.
If I was attracted to females it would be straight.
If I was attracted to a transgirl it would be straight.
A transguy then id be gay.

Sexuality regarding transgenderism is attached to how we see ourselves and not what we were born as. Regardless of what you think of that. Considering I like both. Whichever gender I am or whatever sex I am I still fit under the B.

There are two genders. Male and Female  but there is also Agendered where you dont feel like your any gender and genderfluid when your both and this is changeable. You can be female one minute and male the next. Im not genderfluid so I cant really explain it as well as a genderfluid person. But Ill get a good friend of mine to do so. My friend says shes bisexual and this does not change when she is either gender. Ill get her to explain. Im not genderfluid. I dont know how it works.

This is not the case Dirt ( Meaning if "female" can be taken apart at the core, lesbians do not and cannot exist. )
because our identity does not in turn take any yours. You are women who like women. Women who identify as women who like other women who identify as women. I am a female born man. Who is attracted to both males and females but if I was attracted to women only. I would not be a lesbian and I would not like to be refered to as one.

I disagree wih the site on this one. There is in my opinion there is a protypical Transgender experience. We all feel somewhat confused about our gender at some point. I mean this in regards to MTF and FTM's not the wider Transgender umbrella.

1.Sometime in life feel like your the wrong gender.
2.Do something about it.

(there IS a nucleus to the female/lesbian experience regardless of race, religion or class.)

This statement you make about there being a nucleas.It reminds me of Focus on The Family saying there is only one type of family and every other type of family is crap.
Unless every lesbian relationship exactly mirrored every other then every lesbian relationship is different. Theres also Vanilla Lesbians and Lesbians with kinks. Polygamous lesbians and Monogamous lesbians. Butch and Butch, Femme and Femme, Butch and Femme.

I dont think the Government are going to dismantle your civil rights to give us ours. That makes no sense.

There is common ground. We're both minoritys fighting for recognition and equal rights. We'll do a better job at it together than separately. The LGB helps the T a lot. Theres so little of us, we cant do it on our own. So thanks LGB. Your Appriciated. And you have The Etch's appriciation.

Ill leave you with a poem by my favourite poet. Completely unrelated but its my favourite of his poems.

THE dawn was apple-green,
The sky was green wine held up in the sun,
The moon was a golden petal between.
She opened her eyes, and green
They shone, clear like flowers undone
For the first time, now for the first time seen

~D.H Lawrence

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