Monday, 15 August 2011

Its all Wrong, Its all Right

Dirt posted a blog a couple of days ago about a article she'd read. The article was from a Transgirl that Dirt proclaimed was opposing the legalisation of Gay Marriage in New York. This was surprisingly (not) the case.

The tone of the piece is generally humorous and she seems to almost lament about the lack of Trans rights and that she herself feels forgotten. What she is writing about is not opposing Gay Marriage but supporting it and wanting Transgender people to be treated with dignity and respect. An awful lot of America does not have anti discrimination laws in place for Transgender people, While in the vast majority of the country. You cant fire someone for being gay. You can if they're Trans. With sexuality even if discrimination laws were in place, it is possible to hide. This luxury is not afforded to some late transtioners. We need to live our lives without shackles and this is what Jennifer is trying to say. Of course marriage is important but basic civil rights are more important especially to a vulnerable minority.

As Jennifer said..
Forty-one percent of respondents reported attempting suicide; of those who came out as students, 78 percent reported harassment, 35 percent physical assault and 12 percent sexual violence. Nineteen percent said they had been homeless. Among transgender people of color, the numbers are even worse.
With the LGB in the community it seems to be a you scratch our back and we'll scratch yours when we've gotten round to it.

Dirt took this article completely out of context.
Its also horrible to call this writer Male.
Shes not male. I Am

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