Friday, 12 August 2011

Facepalm but also severe horrificness (not even a word)

I was looking for Dirt's blog on google and I came across her live journal and found this comment.

Given that I know of such a case, (which I will write about in more detail in another post soon) I'm wondering what the numbers of  sexually abused women who trannify are that become pedophiles themselves after taking testosterone?

Oh how delightful. Any of you transguys out there who were hurt like that. Your going to become pedophiles.
Do I need to even clarify why this is stupid?

There's bad people in every community and people who are sexually abused some of them become abusers themselves. But it is the same for every community.

There is no us and them. We're just people.

It seems her live journal is just the place she used to go to just be utterly hateful. I don't find her hateful on blogger but God. Here's another one

You wanna drug and mutilate yourself into your own personal  freak show(do they charge admission for that shit?), great, but guess what there isn't a lesbian alive that is going to date you. Sexually abused disturbed straight women on the other hand, yes. I give you that.

Her point is disproved by this easy to follow logic. I just got out of a 3 year relationship with a lesbian. Ive been with cisguys and transguys and transgirls and cisgirls and lesbians and bisexuals. No gay guys yet although I did peck my best friend on the lips once at a Gay Pride up the country. He had a beard and It felt so wrong. For me and not in general.
Oh and I'm not a freak show. I'm a human being. I have hopes and dreams and fears. I'm a nice person and I do my best to be a good person too. So Fuck this shiz. And in regards to the commission it really matters because I'm quite poor. And id sell my soul for a fiver.


  1. Not only does she say we turn into pedophiles, but we also become rapists and abuse our girlfriend, wife, or fiancee's. Oh she also says that we turn gay too! I would never touch a child sexually. For someone to even say such a thing must have some feelings or desires to do a disgusting thing like that. I have never hit my fiancee' or belittled her. I have never been attracted to men and never will be. I also would never rape anyone. I mean come on now!!!!

    She has some sort of mental disorder. My guess would be paranoid schizophrenic with borderline personality disorder. She thinks the world, well transmen and biological men are out to get her or something. The world doesn't revolve around her!

  2. Funny how its just a repackaging of the same bullshit the P has used to deny GLB people any humanity or voice.
    When I was growing up, my right-wing christian father would love to talk about how gay people are just products of childhood sexual abuse, and that they all tend to turn into pedophiles as well because of it. In fact, I'm sure he hasn't changed his mind on this at all in over 20 years.

    The irony of these feminists who completely fail to apply Audre Lorde's observations in "The Master's Tools..." is suffocating.
    Then again, Lorde was black. What would she know, right?

  3. I know of her comments involving T making Transguys Gay. But really although this is ridiculous and has no basis. Its an anti-men sentiment. That T turns "confused lesbians" straight.
    Im bisexual myself and I take offense to the notion that she takes offense to it.
    Although she is slighty nuts I concur, saying she has a mental disorder lets her get away with what she says. "She has MPD, its not her fault shes transphobic"
    A lot of what she says has no basis in fact. The blog she wrote about the Transgirl talking about Gay Marriage was completely out of context. I would love to know her real motivations.

  4. I postulate a trans person kicked her dog.

    As an aside, the supposition that people should not say things because it offends? Well, that's kind of bollocks. In a free society, we have no right to be free of offense, since anyone can claim offense at anything. What should be fought against is language that degrades, delegitimizes, and dehumanizes people, or just reinforces a social system that keeps a class of people down.
    for more on that.

  5. I agree, Im all for free speech. The point of this blog is not to shut her up.
    When I was talking about what she said that offended me, it offends me personally as a guy who likes guys. But she shouldnt be shup down for personally offending me. Im not even sure completely why that in particular pissed me off so much.

  6. I liked that article. It was well thought out.

    She mentions that "trap" is a slur. I never thought of it as one before. Certainly if a girl is called a trap, she passes well. I always thought it was nice.
    Although its nasty if its taken in the context that Transgirls are out to "trap" men.

  7. Yeah, the nature of the term "trap" originates with and reinforces the trope that trans women are just deceitful gay men out to surprise straight men and gay-rape them.
    Its a curiously two-punch slur, since it both invokes a transphobic refusal to acknowledge their identity ("Its A MAN, baby!") and homophobia ("if they're A MAN, and I'm attracted to them, then I'm gay. oh noes").
    As is to be expected though, internet culture has taken the phrase and twisted it to something different, in this case to mean pretty much any form of good genderbending or gender inversion.

  8. Well then it is sorta now reclaimed. Although I guessed the original meaning. The internet usage for it generally is positive.
    A transgirl friend of mine refers to herself as a trap because Trans makes her think Transvestite. Now thats a word I cant see reclaimed